Seychelles Offshore Company Safe From US Tax Havens Bill

Seychelles - A Country Profile - Nations Online ProjectThe story “US Senate Approves Bill Targeting Offshore Tax Havens” as reported by American Banker, Accounting Today, Forbes and a host of other sites is another “Tiger without teeth” which is designed to scare people into not using a Seychelles تور سیشیل ( Offshore Company as a legitimate asset protection and tax-reduction structure.

They report that “The legislation would give the Treasury Department new tools to crack down on foreign governments and foreign financial institutions that it concludes are impeding U. S. tax enforcement. ” What the us is saying is that they will place themselves in a position to attempt to circumvent another countries laws in a further attempt to recover taxes from anyone benefiting from an Offshore Company such as a Seychelles International Business Company (IBC). Seychelles Islands is a beautiful place to visit and believe me it is completely packed with tourists in every season. This all is because of the Seychelles weather which is so pleasant that it makes the islands throughout the year a holiday resort. The flourishing green patches of the forests, the sparkling water makes the place adventurous and ever inviting throughout the year. In addition, the underwater life is also amazing and brings great surprises entire year long.

Just as the inhabitants of Seychelles, the Seychelles weather conditions are also warm with no extreme climate in any month. Frankly speaking the temperature is maintained throughout the year and it neither increases above 32 degrees and nor drops below 24 degrees with also good sunshine.

Thus because of the Seychelles weather conditions, the water activities can be performed throughout the year. But some months are more suitable to go for bird watching or sailing. Let us have a look at the activities that are performed at the Seychelles Islands. Snorkeling and sailing are enjoyed entire year whereas wind surfing is best to do in the months from May to September. Go Diving is mostly enjoyed in the months March, April, September, May, November and October. Fishing is mostly done in months from October to April.

The Seychelles weather conditions are pleasant throughout the year, so bird watching can be done any time except some of the periods to not do so. The breeding season is April, nesting from May through September and migration in October. It is best to go for tracking from months May to September. You all must know that the Seychelles weather is greatly awesome especially for people who daily worship the sun, the Seychelles islands is an excellent place to have a look at it. So, now you have got an idea of the Seychelles weather conditions, hence you can get prepared to visit the place.

In the limitless sunshine, it is advised to have light clothing at the Seychelles Islands. Other accessories such as sunglasses, hats and most significantly sunscreen with (SPF 30+) should also be taken to prevent you from tanning and harmful UV radiations. Always keep the sunscreen with you to apply it after intervals of time and enjoy the excellent spots without nasty sun burns.

The Seychelles weather is perfect for any person to visit the Seychelles Islands. So, ever person should go there once in life. It is the best place for newly married couples. If they love to watch sun set and the sun rise, then they must go there and enjoy the place with cold champagne in a warm Seychelles weather. Also for those who love tracking like for adventurers it is the best place to scale peaks. In addition, those love natural beauty can rediscover the green landscapes and other natural beauties on Seychelles.

Hence, in short Seychelles weather gives peace, adventure, fuel and also stirs romance. Therefore, Seychelles Islands is an ideal place for families and definitely for couples. Seychelles is an African island nation that is made up of more than 100 incredibly beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean. People from across the world choose Seychelles as their vacation spot for a variety of reasons like exquisite tropical landscape, magnificent as well as secluded beaches, splendid coves and bays, brilliant island dotted seas, and UNESCO certified World Heritage Sites. Seychelles is also sometime referred to as one of the most romantic destinations on the planet that draws honeymooners and newly weds from every nook and corner of the world. Apart from these, Seychelles resorts are also regarded as a reason for many vacationers to come here for a relaxed, tension-free holidays.

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