How to Buy Health Insurance Online – Without Losing Your Shirt

Cricket Betting - The #1 Guide for Online Betting in India (in 2023)Have you checked out the cheap Internet health insurance quotes yet? Too bad, you might have saved some money…but then again…How does a person know if the health insurance quote you get is a good deal? Are you like me and just hate salesmen and saleswomen 안전놀이터 that call you and want to “sell” you something? I mean, I understand they have to make a living too…but can’t they do it at someone else’s place on someone else’s phone? I have the “do not call” thing activated but I still get those telemarketer sales calls…You know the ones that start out with…”Is home?” And they pronounce your name wrong and right off the bat, you know it is a telemarketer. I usually am nice, unless they keep insisting…then watch out…But usually I will just say, “Please take me off your list.” Then I just hang up. More than once I have had them say, “Wait I need to contact (me, pronounced wrong again) and it really bugs me, oh and by the way, they usually don’t call me back…Sometimes I do think they get paid by how long they can keep you on the phone!

So, yah, I do have a problem with real estate agents, water conditioner salespeople, phone calling mutual fund brokers, kirby vacuum cleaner sales people, and door to door sellers. Oh and let’s not forget those people that go around handing out pamphlets. But, I really do hate the insurance sales people the worst. Why? Because I do not like being pressured to buy something. Have you ever been in a store and had a salesperson greet you and follow you around the store like a dog? I have, I hate it, bet you do too and we can’t wait to get out of the store, right? So that brings me to insurance sales, especially health insurance sales people.

Recently I lost my job. My job was with a great company for two years. I did a good job or so the boss said, but I got downsized anyway, like so many people in America these days. I was offered to try to keep my health insurance but checked and couldn’t afford the Cobra insurance premiums; heck what do they expect? That you can afford to pay the health insurance premiums that your employer was paying? Mine was $585.00 per month for a single person! Can’t really swing that on what I get for unemployment now…so what’s a person to do? Not eat? Well, I thought maybe I would chance not having health insurance for a while…Then I had a close friend that did not have any health insurance. He had a heart attack, got a stint and he got hit with a huge medical bill for angioplasty and I freaked! I cranked up my PC and when off to the Internet in search of: “the best, one of a kind, cheapest, bet your bottom dollar we’re the greatest, health insurance plan” that I could find! Without losing my shirt, mind you…

Well the story gets a little better here…after much searching and getting very frustrated by really slow loading insurance sites, you know the ones that the graphics take forever to load…I’m on dial-up. Hey, what do expect with unemployment, that I can afford DSL? Not a chance! I really needed to find the best all around medical coverage with the highest deductible and the lowest monthly health insurance premium I could. So I took a chance and tried filling out some online insurance quote forms. Did you know that sometimes there are up to three pages of forms! I got so frustrated with forms and buttons to submit that did not work and did not send the information I filled in; especially after I took 10 minutes to fill the form out! Man, I was getting almost to the point of flipping out and walking my fingers through the yellow pages!

I was getting desperate! Then, someone up there took pity on me…I was able to find a good place to fill out a decent quote form and get a free health insurance quote from a company that had it together. If you search long enough you will find some good sites, with lots of information on health insurance providers, types of health insurance. You can read about HMO, PPO, health saver plans and all that kind of stuff. I checked the bottom part of the sites out and make sure they have been in business for a couple years or so, I felt OK about that. As I searched around the free quote websites, I found where many had listed over twenty or more insurance providers and some even had information on insurance for all 50 states. I was impressed. So I followed their easy instructions on “How to get your fast health insurance quote” and clicked on the form that said, “fill in your zip code” and off I was!

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