European Vacation

Europe was the most popular international destination for Americans in 2004 and according to the latest research, American travellers highly regard the Old World not only for its history, culture, and cuisine but also for their historical connection with many Americans having fought in 2 World Wars, having a family link with or being able to trace their ancestry all the way back to Europe.

Europe is small geographically, but in terms of population it is probably the third-largest continent with about 11% of the world’s population representing a changed and changing tapestry of cultures, languages, and borders with 25 separate countries, and their polish deli. citizens who increasingly identify themselves as European rather than English, French or Italian, now forming the european union.

Whatever your idea and expectations of what constitutes a dream holiday, a European Vacation will fulfill your expectations beyond compare. It is a veritable traveller’s paradise waiting to be discovered and explored. And what is especially important for tourists is the absence of visa restrictions within the 25 countries forming the european union.

Although there are variations, the European continent enjoys a very pleasant climate which is classified as temperate. The climate is greatly influenced by maritime tropical, maritime polar, continental polar and continental tropical air masses. But generally speaking, we have warm summers and cool winters – the perfect backdrop to an enjoyable European Vacation Tour.

Major Countries to visit

There are so many countries to visit and diverse cultures and languages to experience and indulge that no one individual article or travel brochure can provide you with the full scope of what is available to see and do on your European vacation Tour – either individually or as a group.

So here is the briefest of brief descriptions of just some of Europe’s beautiful countries:

Switzerland – is Europe’s most beautiful country with fresh clean air and breath taking scenic beauty that will leave you spellbound. It is a veritable pictorial canvas populated with picturesque alpine mountains, lakes, cowbells, wild and rare orchids, alpine villages and peaceful meadows. Switzerland is a country for all seasons, both summer and winter. It is especially world famous for its neutrality, Swiss democratic referendums and its banking secrecy. Geneva is one of the 3 principal Swiss cities and is also the birthplace of the International Red Cross and the home of numerous important United nations and other international organisations.

France – with its own distinctive character is renowned for its champagne, haute couture, haute cuisine, seductive lifestyle, the annual “Tour de France” cycling event and the world renowned Eiffel Tower. Of course, most tourists head straight for Paris which is often referred to as the most romantic city in the world.

Paris has its full quota of tourist attractions and the most famous smile in the world in the form of the Mona Lisa. But no visit to France can be considered complete without a “degustation” or tasting of French wines or more importantly, visiting a Chateau or two in Bordeaux or the Burgundy region. France is the wine growing country par excellence and many great French wines or “etiquettes” are universally accepted as models of perfection.

Ireland – is one of the most scenic destinations in the world with a judicious blend of rolling hills and beautiful architecture offering the visitor a stunning landscape. Your day starts with the renowned and hearty Irish breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, black pudding and a selection of breads. And of course, one of the attractions that Ireland is most famous for is its pubs. Chances are, after visiting Ireland’s pubs you will have trouble finding other pubs that compare.

Ireland is also home to some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world with over 400 golf courses on the island. The lush greens and beautiful backdrops of Ireland’s natural scenery make a round of golf in Ireland one to remember – the perfect setting for an Ireland Golf Vacation.

Greece – The Greek nation is known as the founders of the Olympic Games. But the Greeks also had drama, art, philosophy, and science at its core from the very inception. When you talk of Greece you conjure up unforgotten Greek mythology and fascinating stories such as Jason and the Argonauts, Helen of Troy and the Trojan Horse.

Today, the same elements continue to thrive in the culture and values of the people, which is probably why over 15 million tourists visit the country every year. When going on holiday in Greece, you will most probably find that a large part of the important and interesting attractions are in Athens but the countryside and outlying Greek islands and beaches offer as much pleasure to the visitor.

Italy – welcomes you with a strong embrace of vitality, art, sculpture, famous paintings, its history, food and of course, la dolce vita. In Tuscany you can savor world famous Barolo wines and taste gastronomic antipasti, explore and wander through mysterious Etruscan and medieval towns. Or you can hop on the historic and nostalgic Orient Express and head for Venice for a breath of romance encapsulated in the grace and elegance of Palladian villas and Venetian palazzi, hidden gardens and arcaded streets echoing with the footsteps of lovers. Or take a boat ride in the famous “Gondolas”.

Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but you can no doubt make a day, or days, out of it. The Eternal City remains unrivalled when it comes to the sheer aesthetic supremacy of its impressive and widely-venerated history. We recommend visiting Rome in the off-peak months between October and March and to try to book a hotel near, if not within, the historic district.

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