Entangled: The Eaters of Souls by Graham Hancock

Buy Dmt Powder Online, Dmt For Sale, Buy Dmt Online Telegram...+1(858)  609-9246 - Medical & PharmaThis is a bloody and brutal story but exciting. Two main female characters’ lives are intertwined – Leoni in the 21st century and Ria in prehistoric Spain of 24, 000 years ago. As Leoni experiments with drugs, she is drawn into the world of Ria who is fighting for her life and that of her tribe. With help, Ria encourages two warring groups to combine forces to counteract the enemy, who is threatening to kill the tribes and take over their territory. dmt for sale This group is under the direction of an evil leader who feeds on human children’s blood – and their souls.

Leoni, the young 17 year old of the 21st century, is fleeing her rich and controlling parents and meets others who are destined to experiment with drugs in order to enter the parallel universe of Ria. While Ria fights for her life and that of her tribe and another tribe, she and Leoni face similar conflicts. A loss in one dimension represents devastation in the other. Leoni is caught in Ria’s fight, when she can escape the men chasing her in her world, and enter that world through the use of the drug DMT and later the plant Ayahuasca, used by shamans who assist her in the Amazon. She continues to evade her pursuers as she is pulled to help her new friend in the Stone Age.

The cruelty in this novel bothers me physically; it is brutal and sickening. The evil leader drinks the blood of the children after torturing them and devouring their souls. The description of these events is graphic and effective. The action is fast-paced and pulls the reader into the story, however, even with the violenceIn many esoteric circles across cultures there is a widespread understanding of the presence of an inner “Third Eye”. In the ancient Hindu teachings it is related to the brow or “Ajna Chakra” which is significant in mystical awakening or enlightenment, clairvoyant perception, and higher states of consciousness. Unsurprisingly, this concept is prevalent in ancient Central and East Asian mystical teachings as well. Hinduism and yoga are particularly emphatic about the attributes of this secret, and concealed body part. Researchers, since yore, have made concerted efforts to establish similar links in Theosophy, and New age spiritual philosophies.

It must be understood that according to Yoga and Hindu spiritual teachings Lord Shiva is vested with the powers to burn to ashes any thing that came within the scorching gaze of his Third Eye. Of course he is a yogi of the highest order first, and hence he possesses such devastating might. Yet the analogy does not cease here, since we as humans carry the same form that Shiva possesses. In light of this similarity Hindu teachings lean towards, and rather encourage the development of the exact same spiritual powers by all human beings. Arguably we humans have incipient powers to awaken our Third eye and elevate our consciousness; only disuse has rendered it dormant.

The third Eye is historically associated with the seat of intuition, clairvoyance, extra sensory perception(ESP), and precognition. It is also here that all spiritual awakening is understood to occur. Here, it would be prudent to pause for a peep into the less known, ancient chakra or ethereal constitution of the body. At the ethereal level the human body is supported by a tier of seven chakras, running almost astride the spinal cord. Each chakra encodes within itself attributes corresponding to the entire plethora of psycho-somatic functions of the gross body. At the junction of the two eyebrows is the penultimate, Ajna Chakra or the sixth chakra.

In the physical dimension the pineal gland is associated with the Third Eye, also related to the sixth chakra. This chakra is known to impart potency to see beyond space-time, aside from many other fascinating psychic powers. The Pineal gland is located near the center of the brain between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove at their junction. Unlike others it is the only unpaired brain part, as it is not affiliated to either the left or right hemisphere. It is reddish-gray and about the size of a pea measuring approximately 8 mm in humans.

The pineal gland is an interesting anatomical part that has evoked much discussion amongst the New age community. It is known as the intuition organ, and the hidden interface between body and spirit, but it’s possible that pineal gland is in fact a literal eye. As per Dr. David Klein (Science Daily) “The photoreceptors of the retina strongly resemble the cells of the pineal gland”. Interestingly, the interior of the pineal gland actually has retinal tissue composed of rods and cones (photoreceptors) inside its interior lining just like the eye. There are nerve connections from this area to the visual cortex in the brain, even containing vitreous fluid in it, like an eye does. It seems too much of a coincidence that researchers are unraveling more and more as they delve into the subject. Now it is believed that the retina and the pineal gland are intimately active in functions like recognition and complicated processing of external light. Phototrasduction, the action of sensing light, is possible only through specific proteins in the eye. It is reported that the same proteins are also present in the pineal gland which is indicative of possible photic functions as well.

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