Buy Ready-To-Use Disinfectants

Workers in medical laboratories and healthcare facilities need high quality disinfectants that offer protect against dangerous viruses such as those causing HIV, TB, and more. Ready-to-use disinfectants are now available as sprays and wipes which can destroy micro-organisms and stubborn bacterial spores on surfaces in susceptible 上門清潔 environments such as operating rooms,dental surgeries,isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories.

Where to Use Clinical Disinfectants

All good cleaners have clear cut instructs on the label that tells you important facts such as how to apply the product to a surface,how long you need to leave it on the surface to be effective, if dilution is required,what kind of material compatibility it has and the type of pathogens it is effective against.

Disinfecting products should be used on surfaces that touch bare skin and surfaces that come in contact with uncovered infections. Large surfaces such as floor and wall should be cleaned regularly. Shared equipment such as computers that comes into direct skin contact should be thoroughly cleaned after each use as per instructions on the label and allowed to dry.

Choosing the Right Disinfectant

There are many types of sanitizers in the market varying in efficacy and speed of kill and it’s important to choose the right one. Non-porous surfaces where tests are done are breeding grounds of bacteria, viruses and fungi. If not cleaned properly, they increase the risk of cross contamination. Therefore, the most commonly used disinfectants in labs and hospitals are surface cleansers. When choosing a surface disinfection look for one with the following qualities:


  • good and fast killing power
  • non-corrosive, non-irritating, and non-staining so that it does not damage the surface area
  • safe, ready- to-use, and easy-to-use


Of all the sanitizers available today, the ready-to-use Metrex Cavicide Spray is a ready-to-use, multi-purpose, disinfectant and decontaminant cleaner for hard surfaces, counter-tops and medical equipment. Disposable Metrex CaviWipes are both cleaner and disinfectant. These products are extremely effective disinfectant options as they come with all these qualities and more. Here are some of the premium features of this tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal disinfectant:

Designed specifically for use on nonporous surfaces


  • Convenient, intermediate-level surface disinfectant that can destroy tuberculosis bacteria in three minutes and HBV, HCV,and HIV in two minutes
  • Non-toxic
  • CaviWipes in unique slim, flexible packaging with easy-open/easy-close pull tab
  • Available as disinfecting towelettes canister of various capacities


Leading lab equipment stores offers these ready-to-use disinfectants at competitive prices.

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